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International five-star hotel kitchen design standards and precautions
2018-02-27 15:36:31
Schnaude thermal energy equipment co., LTD is a professional company specializing in the research, development and sales of advanced commercial catering equipment. The company is specialized in c-rock, BOLT, OASIS, FAST and other brands of professional equipment. The equipment is widely used and praised by many international star hotels and high-end catering enterprises.
The above specialized equipment all has the best quality and the most advanced technology at present, can make be cooked food color flavor shape and even nutrition ingredients all achieve the best food effect. To ensure consumer satisfaction, users are handy, investors reduce the cost of use, save raw materials, save energy consumption, with half the effort. Products in China and even around the world have a high market share.

We will be sincere, reliable, professional and thoughtful services to the catering industry friends satisfaction, together to achieve the good wishes.
We hope that we can become reliable long-term partners!