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Western Style Griddle Stove

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    Your work is more efficient, with power up to 3.1kW.

    In order to meet market demand, the C-ROCK series offers different models of 40/80cm, and now a new 120cm 
    Flat, mixed and pit versions with horizontal or tilted cooking griddle to ensure uniform heating and easy cleaning.

    The sinking griddle is easy to operate even at low temperatures.

    Technical details
    The griddle stove has a different version of mild steel and chrome alloy and is equipped with a drain outlet that allows excess oil to drain out and comes with a 2.5L sump.

    All models come with safety temperature control.

    The removable splash plate and other cleaning accessories is optional.

    Gas Griddle Stove

    A total of 4 burners in 2 areas.

    The temperature adjustment range from 200-400 °C, with a safety valve to ensure efficient and fast cooking.

    Button-type piezoelectric ignition device.

    For the models with thermostatic valves and thermocouples, the temperature control range 110-280°C.

    It is ideal for dishes that require precise temperature control and fine dishes.

    Electric Griddle Stove

    Nickel-iron alloy coating heating device.

    Temperature control range: 110-280°C.
    Model External Size(MM) Steel Chrome Plated Cooking Area Size(mm) Flat Baking Chrome Plated Flat Baking Half Flat Baking Chrome Plated Half Flat Baking  Pit Baking Chrome Plated Pit Baking Quantity of Cooking Area Power Supply Voltage Electric Output Power(KW) Gas Output Power(KW) Unit Price

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