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Western Style Frying Oven

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    With a powerful energy efficiency ratio, the frying is efficient and the set temperature can be reached quickly.

    Deeper frying tank, widened corners, ensuring easy cleaning to get clean and sanitary.

    The frying tank has a spill tank and a bottom cold oil area that collects food scraps and extends the life of the oil.

    For the 22L electric frying oven and 23L gas frying oven, the electronic control visions are available.

    Technical details

    The temperature control range from 100 to 185 °C; for the electronic control version, it can be accurate to +/- 1 °C.

    The electronic control version has a fat-dissolving program to better utilize solid fats.

    Excellent energy efficiency ratio: for the gas frying oven, 0.96kW/l to 1.05kW/l; for the electric frying oven, 0.86kW/l.

    All models are equipped with a safety temperature control.

    Gas Frying Oven

    External heating wire made of AISI304 stainless steel.

    Equipped with a piezoelectric ignition device.

    Electric Frying Oven

    Built-in an AISI 304 stainless steel heating element, capable of rotating 90 degrees for easy cleaning.


    Each frying tank's capacity per hour:

    Up to 36.6kg frozen potatoes

    Up to 38.4kg raw potatoes
    Model External Size(MM) Number of Saucepan Saucepan Volume(lt) Power Supply Voltage Electric Output Power(kw) Gas Output Power (kw) Unit Price

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