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Western Style Barbecue Oven

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    The barbecue oven has excellent efficacy and can be used for fast and perfect cooking: the power of the gas model can reach 22kw, the power of the volcanic stone series can reach 25kW, and the power of the electric model can reach 19.8kW.

    Independent gas barbecue ovens are solid and easy to use. They are equipped with a removable sump to collect excess grease and water. This allows the fat to cool down quickly and the food is softer and more delicate.

    The volcanic stone series barbecue oven allows the chef to reproduce the delicacy of the charcoal barbecue. A constant temperature ensures that the food being cooked always maintains a very high quality.

    The electric barbecue oven allows the food to directly contact the alloy surface, and the water tray ensures that the meat stays soft and juicy after cooking.

    Technical details

    All models are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

    Gas Barbecue Oven

    AISI 304 stainless steel burners covered by AISI316 stainless steel radiant panel can be easily removed for easy cleaning.

    The flame is controlled by a safety valve with a thermocouple.

    The tiltable grill is suitable for barbecuing meat when it is inclined, and it is suitable for cooking fish and vegetables when it is horizontal. The grill is made of cast iron with an oil drip tray to collect excess grease.

    Three sides of splash guards, 13.5cm high.

    The standard configuration includes a barbecue spatula.

    Cooking area size: M40, 31.6x63.9 cm; M80, 63.2x63.9 cm.

    Gas Volcano Stone Barbecue Oven

    AISI 304 stainless steel pilot burners with safety thermocouples.

    For better result, the cooking surface can be placed in 2 different locations.

    The oil collecting tray can be easily removed for cleaning. The equipment includes three sides of splash boards.

    Cooking area size: M40, 38x64.5 cm; M80, 78x64.5 cm

    Electric Barbecue Oven

    With 6 stages of energy control, the maximum temperature can be up to 400 °C.

    LED lights can indicate the use of the device.

    Cooking area size: M40, 27x64 cm; M80, 54.5x64 cm.
    Model External Size(MM) Quantity of Cooking Area Cooking Area Size(mm) Power Supply Voltage Electric Output Power(kw) Gas Output Power (kw) Unit Price

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